Legally changing name in India

Anurag Bhatia
Background I got married a while back. My wife and I had a discussion and both were in favour that she changes her surname. This was also based on our discussion with my sister who suggested getting it done instead of keeping different surnames for us. As we were getting married certificate, we both were surprised to find that my wife’s surname cannot be simply updated on various IDs using just the marriage certificate.

Experience with MNP in Haryana

Anurag Bhatia
Recently lucky mobile users in Haryana got MNP i.e Mobile Number Portability. I too ported my number out from Airtel to Tata Docomo. Reason remains the super slow GPRS network (yup gprs, not even upgraded to EDGE in most of Haryana) and crazy service activation followed by irritating sms’es. Here’s my experience with MNP: It took around 20 days in porting of my number, and technically speaking - process is yet not (hundred percent) completed even after a month!