Using bgpq3 for automated filter generation

Anurag Bhatia
Came across excellent tool called “bgpq3” from one of recent posts in NANOG mailing list. This tool can general filters for a given ASN for Cisco or Juniper based on RADB’s data. E.g Juniper style config for AS54456 (1st ASN on which I worked on!) :) anurag@server7 ~> bgpq3 -Jl Cloudaccess as54456 policy-options { replace: prefix-list Cloudaccess {;;;; } } anurag@server7 ~> Cisco style config: > anurag@server7:~$ bgpq3 -l Cloudaccess as54456 no ip prefix-list Cloudaccess ip prefix-list Cloudaccess permit 199.

Simple bash script for IP-ASN mapping

Anurag Bhatia
Whenever I see a new unknown IP range, it gets hard to find exact source of that IP within command shell. Recently, I found a very interesting source of that information from Team Cymru. Here’s the resource. I figured out (with a friend’s help) that using their whois server - one can actually grab limited information as required. E.g anurag@laptop:~$ whois -h " -v" AS | IP | BGP Prefix | CC | Registry | Allocated | AS Name 15169 | 8.