20 Aug

Bangladesh .bd TLD outage on 18th August 2016



Day before yesterday i.e on 18th August 2016 Bangladesh’s TLD .bd went had an outage. It was originally reported by Jasim Alam on bdNOG mailing list.


His message shows that DNS resolution of BTCL (Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Ltd) was failing. Later Alok Das that it was the power problem resulting in outage.

Let’s look ask one of 13 root DNS server about NS records on who has the delegation for .bd.

So two of out of these three seem to be on BTCL network and that too on same /24.


Let’s ping to all these three using NLNOG Ring node of bdHUB: bdhub01.ring.nlnog.net

So clearly all three servers are in Bangladesh/local as per super low latency from bdHUB node. From traces from outside India it’s quite unlikely of any other anycast node outside Bangladesh. This is a serious design issue. For a country’s TLD one should have much more resiliency.

My good friend Fakrul from APNIC mentioned on mailing list about PCH becoming secondary for .bd. Same is visible now in the authority NS records of the domain.

dig @dns.bd. bd. ns +short


So once the same is added on root DNS servers, it will bring up bit more resiliency with PCH’s platform with large number of anycast nodes.

So what was impact of this outage?
Well, probably a lot. .bd TLD outage would have brought down a lot of websites running on .bd domain. Any fresh DNS lookup would have failed, any websites with lower TTL would have went down. As per bdIX traffic graph some disturbance is visible across that day.

bdix drop


03 Jul

Reliance Jio orignating Charter’s /16 pool


Just noticed that Reliance Jio (AS55836) seems to be originating a /16 which is for Charter Communications (AS20115) –



This shows Reliance Jio’s ASN AS55836 announcing Charter Communications (AS20115) is originating multiple of /18s out of the same pool.



Let’s look for whois record of this /16 pool: https://whois.arin.net/rest/net/NET-47-32-0-0-1


It seems highly unlikely that this pool has been transferred over to Jio and hence it’s highly likely that Reliance Jio is falsely advertising this pool. Possible reason for such mistake can be because they have got, and but beyond that there are few Charter Pools. So likely someone just mistyped an IP. Another possible reason for such mistype can be that they have also got (it’s 49, not 47).

What is much more fascinating is that they even have a RADB route object registered for the same.


World of BGP is interesting!



As per update from Mr Morlay Gosh from Reliance Jio on SANOG mailing list- This was mistake and they are removing the same.