BSNL routing glitch and updates

Anurag Bhatia
Today I noticed some traffic on my blog from a link from Broadband forum. Here’s what poster wrote: I made a thread a few days ago complaining about BSNL’s horrible routing. Well it looks like it has been fixed. I thank all the guys who made efforts to bring this to BSNL’s notice. Especially Anurag Bhatia who highlighted the issue with much detail on his blog Softlayer connectivity problem and possible fix.

BSNL - Softlayer connectivity problem & possible fix

Anurag Bhatia
It’s late night here in India. I am having final 8th semester exams and as usual really bored! Though this time we have interesting subjects but still syllabus is pretty boring spreading across multiple books, notes and pdf’s. Anyways I will be out of college after June which sounds good. Tonight, I found a routing glitch. Yes a routing glitch!! :) These issues somehow keep my life in orbit and give a good understanding on how routing works over the Internet.

BSNL-Softlayer issue

Anurag Bhatia
Seems like BSNL-NIB (AS9829) routing with Softlayer’s Singapore datacenter (AS36351) is messed up. Example route between BSNL consumer connection (from Haryana, India) to Softlayer hosted site 1 router2 ( [AS8151/AS28513] 3.136 ms 3.874 ms 4.675 ms 2 ( [AS9829] 29.088 ms 32.395 ms 35.773 ms 3 ( [AS9829] 42.411 ms 44.746 ms 47.176 ms 4 ( [AS9829] 92.977 ms 95.322 ms 97.758 ms 5 ( [AS3043] 323.