APRICOT 2016 - Auckland, New Zealand

Anurag Bhatia
First and foremost before talking about APRICOT, I must say I am deeply moved with impact Rohtak (and Haryana) as whole had because of recent Jat agitation. What I find extremely depressing is way current Govt. of Haryana completely failed to control it and the way previous Govt. ministers did best in their interest and completely against the interest of people of Haryana. For now quite hopeful with news that Mr Prakash Singh (one of my favorite IPS officers) who did quite well during his various terms is looking into failure of police.

BSNL routing tables and upstreams

Anurag Bhatia
Just was looking at routing tables of BSNL. They have a significant address space in /10 - Overall this /10 address space is divided into /18 and /20 subnets. Let’s pick two of such subnets and observe routing tables from route-views: Routing table for * 0 3333 3356 6453 4755 9829 9829 9829 i * 0 3277 3216 6453 4755 9829 9829 9829 i * 194.

BSNL routing tables screw up

Anurag Bhatia
It has been super boring evening considering my sessional tests tomorrow. Test time is dull as always. I have been precisely measnuring latency on BSNL link from BSNL Haryana to Singapore based servers. The fluctuation in latency is pretty much common now. Someones we get 120ms latency to Singapore (an expected number based on distance) while other time it goes off as high as 310ms. Latency with openDNS nodes in Singapore makes it pretty much poor to use openDNS here.