Tata Communications (AS4755) pushing traffic to Reliance Jio (AS55836) via Singapore!

Anurag Bhatia
So it seems like apart from voice interconnect issues, Jio is also facing routing issues on the backbone. I ran a trace to one of IP’s on Jio network allocated to end customer - I ran trace from all Indian RIPE Atlas probes measurement here. There seem quite a few RIPE Atlas probes which are giving latency on 150ms + range. Seems like they are downstream or downstream of downstream of Tata Comm’s AS4755 and routing is happening via Singapore!

BSNL - Softlayer connectivity problem & possible fix

Anurag Bhatia
It’s late night here in India. I am having final 8th semester exams and as usual really bored! Though this time we have interesting subjects but still syllabus is pretty boring spreading across multiple books, notes and pdf’s. Anyways I will be out of college after June which sounds good. Tonight, I found a routing glitch. Yes a routing glitch!! :) These issues somehow keep my life in orbit and give a good understanding on how routing works over the Internet.

Google's routing issues because of an Indonesian ISP

Anurag Bhatia
Yesterday it was reported across networking community that Google’s prefixes were having issue due to an Indonesian ISP Moratel AS23947. Quick analysis From data logged by routeviews it seems like it wasn’t exactly a prefix hijack. AS23947 did not originated prefixes but rather had a route leak leading to path leak of AS23947 > AS15169. Here’s a view of global routing table for Google’s prefix at 15:57 GMT on 4th Nov: