Connectivity at the office of President of India

Anurag Bhatia
Out of curiosity, I put an RTI asking President of India Secretariat about connectivity at President’s office. Questions I asked and their replies Question 1: Who is the Internet service provider? Reply: National Informatics Centre MEITY is providing internet service at President Office. Question 2: Speed of Internet connection at President’s Office? Reply: Presently the speed is 100 Mbps. Question 3: (And my favourite!) Is IPv6 deployed? Reply: IPv6 supported by most devices.

Thoughts on NKN - National Knowledge Network

Anurag Bhatia
You might have heard of NKN i.e National Knowledge Network by Govt. of India. Overall idea of NKN was to connect all educational institutions within country including all IIT’s, IIM’s, NIT’s and various govt. universities on fiber at 1Gbps speed. Though little late and crazy way of solving problem, but still NKN is nice effort from Mr Sam Pitroda. I was talking to a friend from IIT Delhi last week, and here’s his speedtest.