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Connectivity at the office of President of India

Out of curiosity, I put an RTI asking President of India’s Secretariat about connectivity at President’s office.

Questions I asked and their replies

Question 1: Who is the Internet service provider?
Reply: National Informatics Centre meity is providing internet service at President Office.
Question 2: Speed of Internet connection at President’s Office?
Reply: Presently the speed is 100 Mbps.
Question 3: (And my favourite!) Is IPv6 deployed?
Reply: IPV6 supported by most devices. However, IPV4 addressing is used at present.
Question 4: How much internet connection costs at the President’s Office?
Reply: NIC, being a Government Department provides connection on its own budget. The President Office does not incur any expenses towards this.
100Mbps seems interesting and actually decent enough to get the job done. I wish they also had support for IPv6. Probably I should not put an RTI asking NIC on their IPv6 support plans for the President’s Office! 🙂
Raw RTI reply is here.

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