Internet in Mongolia and CDNs

Anurag Bhatia
I have been in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia for the last few days. This is my first travel to Mongolia and this far up in the North (except for previous travel to Russia in 2016 and some parts of Nordic areas in Europe). Geographically Mongolia is located between Russia (on the North side) and China (on the South side). I am here for mnNOG 5 event. mnNOG is the Mongolian Network Operators Group.

OTT and paid peering

Anurag Bhatia
Yesterday there was an article in the Indian paper Financial Express with the title “OTTs may have to pay access charge to telcos”. Quoting a few points from the article: Social media intermediaries like WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter, and over-the-top (OTT) players like Netflix, Prime Video and Disney+Hotstar may have to pay a carriage charge to telecom service providers Data, particularly video, comprises 70% of the overall traffic flow on telecom networks, and this would grow further with the rollout of 5G services Upon reference from the DoT, Trai is currently studying various possible models under which OTTs can be brought within the purview of some form of regulation According to sources, an interconnect regime is a must between OTTs and telcos because as 5G services grow, there would be immense data/ video load on networks, which may lead to them getting clogged or even crashing at times.

Less than a week to go before INNOG2!

Anurag Bhatia
And it’s less than a week before the INNOG 2 i.e Indian Network Operators Group Conference 2. We (Indians) are little late to start a NOG but it’s finally working out and this is the 2nd event. First one happened last year. Event website: Why INNOG is important and why we should care? Well, having a functional NOG is as important for local community as a working Internet Exchange Point.