Encrypted DNS using DNSCrypt

Anurag Bhatia
Writing this post from my hotel room in Kathmandu. I found that many of the servers appear to be DNS resolvers which is unusual. Have a look at these weird DNS replies: dig . ns +short dig . ns +short This seems unusual and is the result of basically port 53 DNS hijack.

APNIC Hackathon at APRICOT 2018

Anurag Bhatia
APNIC and RIPE NCC are doing a hackathon at APRICOT 2018. It just started today with some light interaction with various participating members yesterday. The theme of the hackathon is around IPv6. Many cool projects were suggested yesterday and teams started working today on certain shortlisted projects like: A tool for ranking CDNs - A tool based on RIPE Atlas data to rank CDNs based on latency across different regions.

India's digital slum problem

Anurag Bhatia
India has a slum problem as many of us know. Slums are a serious problem and there’s just no easy way to fix them. One cannot just push thousands and thousands of people out while at the same time quality of life in slums is terrible. One thing which happens a lot in India is the fact that Govt. does nothing when slums are getting established and once they are established situation gets out of control.