NANOG 75 in San Francisco

Anurag Bhatia
Attending NANOG 75 in San Francisco. I have always found NANOG very fascinating w.r.t the size of event and a fact that internet started in this side of world. Yesterday was day 0 with Hackathon and task was network automation with ZTP, Ansible, Open/R for IGP etc. 😄 Our team’s presentation about it:

APNIC Hackathon at APRICOT 2018

Anurag Bhatia
APNIC and RIPE NCC are doing a hackathon at APRICOT 2018. It just started today with some light interaction with various participating members yesterday. The theme of the hackathon is around IPv6. Many cool projects were suggested yesterday and teams started working today on certain shortlisted projects like: A tool for ranking CDNs - A tool based on RIPE Atlas data to rank CDNs based on latency across different regions.