Cloudflare hosting F root server

Anurag Bhatia
A few days some folks in internet community noticed Cloudflare AS13335 announcing F root server’s routes covering prefix dig version.bind ch txt @f.root-servers.net pic.twitter.com/YLW7hqt170 — Tony Finch (@fanf) April 3, 2017 Above tweet shows that case is clearly not a mistake but rather some sort of arrangement between Cloudflare and ISC (which is responsible for F-root). There was another discussion on DNS-OARC mailing list here. From our bgp.he.net tool, one can analyse route propagation for F root’s AS3557.

F root server transit in Chennai

Anurag Bhatia
Few days back I noticed F root server (which is with ISC) brought it’s anycasted node in NIXI Chennai back live. They have taken that down as per my interaction with them over mailing list. My last post about F root coming back live was with guess work on who’s providing upstream. Today I spent sometime in finding who’s providing transit to that node. It is very important to note that most of these key infrastructure related nodes rely on peering for most of traffic but a transit in form of full table or default stays so that one can push packets to a route if it is not in table learnt from peering.

Broken connectivity to F root server in India

Anurag Bhatia
It has been an interesting week at village - dry weather, (ultra) dry classes, (boring) external seminars and more of depressing environment but one can always find some hope out of such depressing environment. Overall life here is colourful but one just needs to lookout for colours. :) One interesting case to report today - F root server has quite bad connectivity in India. Last week a friend asked me for traceroutes to all root servers and here’s what I saw when I did traceroute for F root from BSNL connection: