Understanding earthing/grounding

Anurag Bhatia
In Aug of this year, I posted about three-phase power. Subsequently, I had a discussion with a friend from Delhi about bonding neutral with earth/ground at the distribution panel. He has a commercial load of 20KW delivered via three phases and his electrician advised him to bond neutral with the ground. We both were curious whether it was technically correct or not. Taking a break from network engineering, here goes a post about it.

Understanding three phase power

Anurag Bhatia
Migration to Hugo I have migrated this 14-year-old blog from a dynamic WordPress (based on WordPress) to a static website (based on Hugo). It was a pretty lengthy process even when I had scripts converting the WordPress XML export into markdown files. Why a static site? This gives a few advantages like: Must faster rendering as all the pages are generated well in advance & pushed to the server Better security (as the backend is not at all exposed unlike WordPress where backend admin portal was visible & behind an authenticated URL) Easy to distribute and put behind CDN Easy to type posts as now it’s just markdown I haven’t finalised the hosting location for this newer site.