Self hosted open source mesh VPN with IPv6 support!

Anurag Bhatia
A rather long title but the post is about self-hosted open-source mesh VPN with IPv6 support and works with nodes behind CGNAT! This will be a long post documenting the concept of mesh VPN, the problem it is solving as well as a working demo. If you are not planning to deploy it right away, you can skip the post after the “Configs and setup” section. Problem I am running a site-to-site VPN for a long time between various servers located far away from each other.

Airtel 3G running CGNAT

Anurag Bhatia
Yesterday I was driving and radio was pretty boring. Next, I connected cell phone to car’s stereo (I use a PT-750 to wirelessly connected my devices to car’s audio system). Next I tuned into app and experience was overall good. The way whole setup was working itself is a wonder - wireless profiles keeping layer 3 link (IP address of device) consistent and handovers happening on layer 1. On top of that a while world of backbone routing across AS9498 backbone the hosting provider’s network of the app.