Mapping major CDNs across Indian networks

Anurag Bhatia
I was recently discussing with a friend Jio’s Fifa streaming issues. Considering PNI capacity challenges with other telcos, I wonder if they were serving FIFA streams out of their network or if it would be on some CDN like Akamai. As I was testing, I noticed a couple of megs of flow data with my provider’s local IP. Turns out that was a local Google GGC node in Rohtak and as I try to connect to it, it replies on HTTP port 80 and 443.

Facebook FNA updates - April 2021

Anurag Bhatia
Over last couple of years I posted updates on Facebook caching nodes (FNA) deployment across the world. If you would like to read the logic I am using to pull the data, you can check the original post here. While the data is about Facebook FNA, it’s highly likely that networks would have Google GGC nodes alongside (a bit less) Akamai caches. My last post about it was back in Nov 2019 and it seems just about the time to do a fresh check.

Facebook FNA Nodes Updates

Anurag Bhatia
Earlier this year after APRICOT 2018, I posted a list of visible Facebook FNA (CDN caching) nodes across the world with IPv4, IPv6 and the AS name. I got quite a few mails in following months about people mentioning that they installed nodes but do not see their names in the list (and that was normal since list was static). I re-ran my script to see emailslatest status of nodes. During last check I saw 1689 nodes (3rd March).