UKNOF32 - Analysis of F-root placement using RIPE Atlas

Anurag Bhatia
Enjoyed ISC’s presentation about their analysis of F root server (one 13 root DNS servers which power the Internet) about anycast performance gloablly for announced (and anycasted) by AS3557 (ISC). This was presentation at UKNOF 32. Embedded presentation below (or click here to watch on YouTube directly)

Using BGP communities to influence routing

Anurag Bhatia
Some free time here in Europe and thus time for another quick blog post & to take my mind away from depressing people! One of impressive features of major European networks is support for BGP communities. In India it’s almost non-existent. Setting it up isn’t hard technically but from capacity management side, Indian ISPs are somewhat shy in setting it up. Let’s put a case where we have a Customer router (R1 with AS1), upstream of customer (R2 with AS2), upstream of upstream (R3 with AS3), peer of upstream (R4 with router4).

BSNL - Softlayer connectivity problem & possible fix

Anurag Bhatia
It’s late night here in India. I am having final 8th semester exams and as usual really bored! Though this time we have interesting subjects but still syllabus is pretty boring spreading across multiple books, notes and pdf’s. Anyways I will be out of college after June which sounds good. Tonight, I found a routing glitch. Yes a routing glitch!! :) These issues somehow keep my life in orbit and give a good understanding on how routing works over the Internet.