Arun Shourie on Govt. defecit

Anurag Bhatia
Today was voting day in many states including Haryana (where I stay) and I just casted vote. This was 2nd time I voted and first time when I voted in a Lok Sabha election (last time being for local Municipal Election). Sometimes back I came across a very nice lecture by one of Indian scholar, politician, author and lot more Mr Arun Shourie. Some key points of his lecture Political situation has degraded significantly and during the time he gave this lecture.

Welcome Amazon AWS AS16509 to India!

Anurag Bhatia
Today I spotted some routes from Amazon AWS Cloud services - AS16509 in Indian tables. AS16509 was originating prefixes while sitting in downstream of Tata-VSNL AS4755 and Reliance AS18101. I almost missed Amazon AWS's announcement on their blog about Indian PoPs for their DNS service - Route53 and CDN service - Cloudfront. New PoP’s of Amazon in India are at Mumbai and Chennai and I see pretty much consistent BGP announcements to Tata and Reliance from these locations.

Routes leaks by Indian ISPs for NIXI's routes

Anurag Bhatia
Interesting days as always. Recently I was handed over “Alumni form” from college. Mixed feelings. This brings me to conclusion that I somewhat missed college life but anyways that’s small price I paid for my high obsession with some long term ideas. (ok may be that explains why I don’t have a Facebook account? Stop asking me about it!) Hard to come to any conclusion at this stage. Anyways post for today…