Moving on from

Anurag Bhatia
Some important life changes… I am not with anymore. It was very nice experience of setting up AS54456 from scratch along with design of anycasting DNS instances. Wishing good luck for time ahead. I just started working with Packet Clearing House (PCH). Looking forward towards exciting time ahead! Interesting pages to checkout - Anycasting DNS for TLDs & Peering information. Thanks for reading.

Sify broadband in rural areas

Anurag Bhatia
Sify is one of really interesting companies. One time pioneer of Indian internet market via chain of cyber cafes. Good old days. Present situation of Sify in consumer market is not significant. Latest earing figures clearly state company is moving towards enterprise segment. Company is quite aggressive in enterprise segment offerings specially datacenters & corporate leased lines. Is consumer market really over for Sify or there’s still some hope? Well, consumer broadband market isn’t really over!