Google Public DNS and Akamai issues in India

Anurag Bhatia
A quick blog post on a interesting issue coming up due to combined problem of CDN failure on Google Public DNS and bad Akamai performance due to Tata-NTT peering issue. I was trying Zembra mail since there’s no more free Google Apps edition and one of my friend asked me to basic email on his domain up. It was more or less a straight task by installing Zembra with decent GUI.

Analysis: Inconsistent latency between two end points

Anurag Bhatia
An interesting evening here in village. From today sessional tests started at college and so does my blog posts too (to keep myself with positive energy!) ;) Learned something new while troubleshooting. :) I am used to getting latency of ~350ms with my server in Europe as I have mentioned in my past blog posts. My connection > Server goes direct but return path goes via US and this is what increases latency.