How Does the Internet Work? - Vox

Anurag Bhatia
A nice short 20mins video by VOX on how the internet works. It covers the basic idea of connectivity a higher level and I am probably going to pass this link to friends & family members outside of the networking domain when they ask. It also covers 60 Hudson Street which I visited exactly an year ago. :)

SMW4 Cable outage

Anurag Bhatia
Today a friend from Pakistan informed about SMW4 outage. He reported about issues in Pakistan. It seems like SMW4 is damaged near Egypt and that is what causing high load on East Asian routes giving pretty high latency. I am at my home and sitting BSNL’s network and latency with Europe has jumped terribly to 700-800ms. Right now I do not see a direct route to Europe and it’s rather taking East Asia > US > Europe routes right now on other cable networks.

EIG cable in action!

Anurag Bhatia
And here we get latest EIG cable i.e Euro India Gateway cable in action. Although cable was up few months back, but it’s now we are getting some changes in routing table up. (Probably earlier was test mode?). Here’s a map of EIG cable. This was very interesting project because of few reasons - firstly it is one (of few) cable consortium’s where India’s biggest State owned telco BSNL (also known as NIB - National Internet Backbone).