Goodbye AS10029!

Anurag Bhatia
On one of key updates from my life - I have decided to exit from Spectranet AS10029. Overall it was fun working at Spectranet but the same time it was very different experience. I loved most of time I spent here and it was great learning experience. Back on work to finish off my notice period! no router bgp 10029 delete local-as 10029

Backend of Google's Public DNS

Anurag Bhatia
And finally academic session over. Done with all vivas and related stuff. Next will be exams likely in June. Time for me to get ready for travel. :) Anyways an interesting topic for today’s post - Google Public DNS. Lot of us are familier with popular (and free) DNS resolvers and I have covered reason in previous posts on why it tends to fail with Content Delivery networks like Akamai which rely on anycasting at bottom DNS layer and simple unicasting on application servers.