Letsencrypt - Free signed automated SSL

Anurag Bhatia
Last year a really good project Letsencrypt came up. They key objective of this project is to help in securing web by pushing SSL everywhere. Two key cool features It offer free signed SSL certs! It helps in setting up SSL via an agent seamlessly without having to deal with CSR, getting it signed & updating web server configuration. At this stage Letsencrypt is itself a Certificate Authority and but it’s root certs are yet not in the browser.

Messed up SPF record of domain

Anurag Bhatia
Yesterday I called MTS Data Card support but their IVRS system was failing in giving me my balance details. Eventually I decided to email their support and glad to say support email was also easily available on their website. Today I saw acknowledgement mail in spam. No big deal but I usually dig around genuine mails which go in spam to find exact cause. In this case I found mail was sent to me from customercare.