End of college life | Experiences from last few years and more

Anurag Bhatia
It has been few days since I am out of college. Was trying to put this blog post but wasn’t getting time for that. Earlier this month I visited Radaur with my father and vacated my room. It was an interesting experience of staying in that room for a while and working on so many things from there. This is how my room used to look like: Overall time was a long time and an experience full of surprises, fun times, bad times, very bad times and more importantly learning about life.

Lost sense of "engineering"

Anurag Bhatia
It’s late evening here in Radaur and I am sitting in my room with open door looking outside in dark. I wonder if darkness outside is more then darkness I see in our system. No, I am not referring to any routing glitch or bandwidth chock point but even more fundamental issue that is “Lost sense of Engineering” in current education age. It’s pretty hot weather out in my room. Here's what room thermometer says.

Sify broadband in rural areas

Anurag Bhatia
Sify is one of really interesting companies. One time pioneer of Indian internet market via chain of cyber cafes. Good old days. Present situation of Sify in consumer market is not significant. Latest earing figures clearly state company is moving towards enterprise segment. Company is quite aggressive in enterprise segment offerings specially datacenters & corporate leased lines. Is consumer market really over for Sify or there’s still some hope? Well, consumer broadband market isn’t really over!