Host a RIPE Atlas probe!

Anurag Bhatia
RIPE NCC is running an excellent project called RIPE Atlas from few years. This is one of largest distributed network measurement projects where thousands of users host small devices called RIPE Atlas Probes on their networks, home connections, datacenters etc. These probes do measurement under both public and private category and make that data available publicly for use by network engineers and helps in optimizing routing. This page shows detailed coverage statistics of the probes.

Do connected interface ping?

Anurag Bhatia
And an interesting day full of bit frustrating drama. Today was “External viva” for Major Project at college. It went good with external teacher but “internal ones” tend to cause un-necessary issues. Quite a few people put personal egos and frustration on top priority to an extent that they violate their own points for which they are arguing. They go completely unethical in way they deal with world. I am saying this with full responsibility for couple of teachers from my college who have completely lost some “fundamentals of life” as taught in childhood to most of us.