Jio 5G - IPv6 only on transport

Anurag Bhatia
Last month I got access to Jio 5G like everyone else around in Haryana. They are running a beta program with uncapped data for now. Overall it works fine for usual stuff (web surfing on popular sites, YouTube videos, music streaming etc) but 464XLAT seems to be a little buggy in IPv4 hardcoded destinations. Initially it was giving quite a few issues but many of them seem to be fixed in last few days.

IPv6 Only Web Hosting

Anurag Bhatia
Saw this excellent presentation in UKNOF 34 by Peter Stevens from Mythic Beasts. Really enjoyed the challenges and fixes he shared in running an IPv6 only web hosting. A must watch for geeks :) Also, UKNOF & NLNOG both seem to have excellent content in their conferences along with professional video recording which they make available over YouTube channels.