Ultra fast automated DDoS detection & mitigation

Anurag Bhatia
A few weeks back an Indian ISP contacted me via a contact form on my blog. That ISP has been struggling with a targetted DDoS attack. For the reason of privacy as well as the stability of their network, I will not put their name or AS number. The attack on that ISP was much higher than their bandwidth levels. Their upstream did not really share the volume of attack but I could tell from the screenshots they shared was that it was distributed volumetric attack choking their upstream bandwidth.

Route filter generation for Mikrotik RouterOS via IRR

Anurag Bhatia
A while back I posted about routing filter generation via bgpq3 for Cisco (ios and XR) and Juniper JunOS based routers. I have received a number of emails in last few months about automated filter generation for Mikrotik routeros. Since Mikrotik’s CCRs are getting quite popular across small to mid-sized ISPs. So this blog post is about ways for generating filter config for a given ASN via IRR. One can use such logic with some kind of remote login mechanism like rancid (look for mtlogin here).