How Does the Internet Work? - Vox

Anurag Bhatia
A nice short 20mins video by VOX on how the internet works. It covers the basic idea of connectivity a higher level and I am probably going to pass this link to friends & family members outside of the networking domain when they ask. It also covers 60 Hudson Street which I visited exactly an year ago. :)

India, DOCSIS, last mile broadband and more...

Anurag Bhatia
Update - 12 July 2022 While migrating this old post from Wordpress to Hugo I realise that many of old external linked images are not available at source anymore and that breaks many of the external photos references on the blog. In my previous post, I shared how I am running redundant uplinks at home (in non-BGP based setup) with the primary link on RF and secondary on DOCSIS. One of my good friends asked me the reason for the sudden jump in DOCSIS-based players across India, especially in smaller cities.

India's digital slum problem

Anurag Bhatia
India has a slum problem as many of us know. Slums are a serious problem and there’s just no easy way to fix them. One cannot just push thousands and thousands of people out while at the same time quality of life in slums is terrible. One thing which happens a lot in India is the fact that Govt. does nothing when slums are getting established and once they are established situation gets out of control.