NIXI root DNS servers and updates

Anurag Bhatia
Has been a while since I checked the status of root servers which are hosted at NIXI. The list as per their official member list stays the same i.e i root in Mumbai, K root in Noida and F root in Chennai. i root seems to be up! show ip bgp neighbors received-routes There are 5 received routes from neighbor Searching for matching routes, use ^C to quit... Status A:AGGREGATE B:BEST b:NOT-INSTALLED-BEST C:CONFED_EBGP D:DAMPED E:EBGP H:HISTORY I:IBGP L:LOCAL M:MULTIPATH m:NOT-INSTALLED-MULTIPATH S:SUPPRESSED F:FILTERED s:STALE Prefix Next Hop MED LocPrf Weight Status 1 192.