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Anurag Bhatia
Earlier this month I got an opportunity to be part of IXP workshop in Kolkata. It was a 3-day event organised by ISOC Kolkata and supported by APNIC. There was also a workshop on DNSSEC and Champika Wijayatunga (from ICANN) was the instructor along with Anand Raje. It was a nice event and I come to know of other interesting projects ISOC Kolkata is doing like Indian IETF capacity building program apart from the IXP they are running in Kolkata.

Experiences from Bangladesh trip

Anurag Bhatia
So last month I had a wonderful trip to Bangladesh for bdNOG. This is bit delayed. Some thoughts on infrastructure In terms of infrastructure - roads & traffic, power, quality of builds - it seemed like India in 2000’s. Specifically roads and traffic was bit terrible and even as an Indian (who manages to drive in Indian traffic!) I still got scared out of traffic in Dhaka. Speeds, roughness and overtaking is pretty high.

Notes from SANOG 26 - Mumbai

Anurag Bhatia
Just finished with SANOG 26 conference and tutorials. It went very nice. Interestingly this time conference did not start early morning like it did in SANOG 24 at Noida. It was rather late in afternoon. Also, on very good note - there were less Govt. bureaucrats to bore attendees with usual stuff they always talk about but have very little idea. One specific interesting presentation was Opportunities and Challenges for Broadband Wireless in India by Prof Abhay Karandikar (from IIT Mumbai).