Welcome to India Dyn!

Anurag Bhatia
Earlier this month Dyn started with it’s Indian PoP. I came across news from Dyn’s blog post. It’s very good to see first Amazon AWS and now Dyn in India. With a warm welcome to Dyn let’s look at their Indian deployment. Dyn using AS33517 which seems to be having upstream from Tata-VSNL AS4755 and Airtel AS9498. Dyn seems to be announcing to both networks in Mumbai to transit. There are routes in global IPv4 routing table which show Tata & Airtel as transit for Dyn.

Simple bash script for IP-ASN mapping

Anurag Bhatia
Whenever I see a new unknown IP range, it gets hard to find exact source of that IP within command shell. Recently, I found a very interesting source of that information from Team Cymru. Here’s the resource. I figured out (with a friend’s help) that using their whois server - one can actually grab limited information as required. E.g anurag@laptop:~$ whois -h " -v" AS | IP | BGP Prefix | CC | Registry | Allocated | AS Name 15169 | 8.