BSNL - Softlayer connectivity problem & possible fix

Anurag Bhatia
It’s late night here in India. I am having final 8th semester exams and as usual really bored! Though this time we have interesting subjects but still syllabus is pretty boring spreading across multiple books, notes and pdf’s. Anyways I will be out of college after June which sounds good. Tonight, I found a routing glitch. Yes a routing glitch!! :) These issues somehow keep my life in orbit and give a good understanding on how routing works over the Internet.

BSNL routing tables and upstreams

Anurag Bhatia
Just was looking at routing tables of BSNL. They have a significant address space in /10 - Overall this /10 address space is divided into /18 and /20 subnets. Let’s pick two of such subnets and observe routing tables from route-views: Routing table for * 0 3333 3356 6453 4755 9829 9829 9829 i * 0 3277 3216 6453 4755 9829 9829 9829 i * 194.

BSNL routing messup at NIXI Delhi

Anurag Bhatia
Finally back in village location. Was just looking around and saw BSNL having really crazy routing. I looked around and saw this: NIXI Looking Glass - show ip bgp neighbors routes Router: NIXI Delhi (Noida) Command: show ip bgp neighbors routes Total number of prefixes 0 Clearly BSNL is NOT announcing any prefix at NIXI Delhi at all. Thus if one has to send packets to BSNL in North area either it will be via transit (Tata/VSNL) or via any other peering NIXI exchange in Mumbai or Chennai.