APNIC 56 - Kyoto, Japan

APNIC 56 is happening next month in Kyoto, Japan. This would be my third-time travel to Japan and besides meeting network operators around the region at the event, I will be doing a one-day tutorial on Network automation with Christoff Visser from IIJ research labs and Abdul Awal from APNIC. The agenda is similar to (though a subset) of network automation workshops I have done over the last few months across different events. Tutorial typically is a “view only” event where the audience would be presented with content in the form of slides, live terminal demo etc. It does not involve a hands-on workshop for the attendees as one day time won’t support that.

The goal of this tutorial is to cover Linux containers, Ansible, CI/CD pipelines, REST APIs etc to have an automation pipeline essentially to have a framework of “if x happens in the network then do y”.

Hurricane Electric Network in Japan

At Hurricane Electric we have a dense presence in Asia and this includes two IP PoPs in Japan - Tokyo and Osaka. In both locations, we operate in Equinix (Equinix Tokyo TY2 and Equinix Osaka OS1). In Tokyo, we have 200Gbps each at Equinix IX, BBIX, JPIX and 100G at JPNAP. In Osaka, we have 100G at BBIX & JPIX + 10G at Equinix & JPNAP.

  • Our PoP in Tokyo has submarine circuits connecting to Seattle, Bay Area, Los Angeles and Honolulu on the Eastern side, circuits to Seoul, South Korea on the Northern side, and circuits to Singapore & Kuala Lumpur on South Western side.
  • Our PoP in Osaka connects to Los Angeles, Hong Kong and Singapore besides local circuit to Tokyo.

Latency between different AS6939 PoPs

Point A Point B Latency
Tokyo Singapore 67ms
Tokyo Los Angeles 103ms
Tokyo Seattle 81ms
Osaka Tokyo 8ms
Osaka Los Angeles 106ms
Osaka Singapore 72ms
Osaka Hong Kong 49ms

Buzz me if you are attending APNIC 56 to talk about BGP & DNS!