EU-Airtel high latency

Date: 12 Dec 2021 00:54 (GMT + 5.5)

Traffic from EU > Airtel India via the US!

Bulk traces via NLNOG Ring

Date: 13 Dec 2021 21:43 (GMT + 5.5)

Update: Airtel having issues due to submarine cable outage and is intentionally routing EU -> India traffic via the US.

Date: 06 Jan 2021 23:32 (GMT + 5.5)

The issue seems to be fixed at around 20:30 on 6th Jan 2021.

Smokeping latency sample:

Date: 07 Jan 2021 16:06 (GMT+5.5)

As per thread on the broadband forum. I realise that routing has been fixed only with AS9498 originated IP and downstream but yet not with Airtel Telemedia (Fixedline broadband AS24560) IPs.