Indian RPKI ROA status

In Melbourne for the week for APRICOT 2020. Someone jokingly said it’s should be “APRICOT and RPKI 2020”. :-)

It seems like both JPNIC and TWNIC are doing a good job at promoting their member operators in Japan & Taiwan for signing ROA. I thought to check for the status in India to find how India is doing.


RPKI ROA status for India

  1. Total prefixes: 40,834 (IPv4 + IPv6)
  2. Prefixes with valid ROA: 4693
  3. Prefixes with invalid ROA: 354
  4. Prefixes without ROA: 35,787


IRR route objects

  1. Prefixes with at least one valid IRR route object: 38,075

  2. Prefixes with invalid route object: 2213

  3. Prefixes with missing route object: 546

The method used to pull this data

  1. Download APNIC extended data:

  2. Find IN ASNs which is APNIC assigned as well as IRINN delegated prefixes.

  3. Find all prefixes originated by these ASNs (assuming a large of them would be used in India only).

  4. Check for IRR and RPKI status for those prefixes.