Default route of home routing table

For folks from the non-networking world, default route means basically a path to send packets when you do not have a specific route. So e.g if you know how to send packets to Google, send it, for Netflix, send it, for say Amazon - no path? Well, no worries, just send via a default path. So default route is basically what takes traffic for everything else.

Returning to the post which is not about networking. It’s about default route for home routing table and that’s my mother. :)

My mother went to the US to spend some time with my brother in July and I think it was an interesting time back home here in Haryana. 


Things we realised during her absence:

  1. She cooks excellent food. While yes my father & my wife have good cooking skills too but nowhere comparable to my mother’s cooking. 
  2. She does so much work and her absence made me realise we had so much automation just because she was doing those tasks “automatically”. :) 
  3. First, my wife and later myself got sick in her absence due to one or other reason further making me miss her. While I have fallen sick with a viral fever a few times in life but three days of fever this time was most painful. 

Now good thing is that she’s back and hence ::/0 is installed again in the home routing table and everything magically works well. :)