Updates from life!

And I am back in India after a long Europe trip and enjoying food again ;)

Some quick updates from Professional life

  1. I have quit from my job at PCH and won’t have an active full time involvement anymore.
  2. It is always nice to work under great leadership - at PCH it was Mr Bill Woodcock and I thoroughly enjoyed learning lot of things from him. 
  3. This situation always brings me to hard thoughts where you really want to stay in an organization and work under a leader you like but get into a mis-match of Organization’s requirement and goals with your personals goals and what you like doing etc. 
  4. I am joining National Indian ISP  - Spectranet / Citycom Networks as full time job and will be working with Network Planning & Operations team of Spectranet AS10029. 
  5. I will be working on multi-gigabit multi-homed core network of Spectranet AS10029 in optimization, upgradation as well as day to day operations of backbone. 
  6. This would be “officially” my first job with an Indian company. Closest I had earlier was my internship in Chennai based Zohocorp during my 1st year summer break at college. 

That’s all for updates for now. Ending this post with a nice selected scenic view from my Europe trip :)