Europe trip and updates so far

My Europe trip is going good (so far!). Interesting experiences in meeting people across half a dozen of countries. 

Few key things I noticed so far:

  1. Food is a much bigger problem for a vegetarian like me in Europe then in a English speaking country like US or Singapore. Living on fruits, dry fruits, bread etc from Sunday and do feeling slightly weak. 
  2. Non-veg food is so high that smell of pork, etc in supermarket makes me to literally lose senses. 
  3. Internet connections are “awesome” almost everywhere. I get 4-5Mbps at free wifi hotspots and 15-20Mbps at hotel/offices/dorms etc. 
  4. Public transport is lot better than that of US. This is one major drawbacks of California while for other areas in US it isn’t impressive anyways. 
  5. Pre-paid cell phone connections are relatively cheap and one can get them easily for pretty low price. 
  6. Public peering and availability of layer 2 media is lot more in Europe then anywhere else in world!
  7. European folks travel a lot for fun. Something which we don’t really see in India. :)
  8. Smoking, consumption of drugs seems lot more common and bigger fashion out here as compared to any other part of world I have been to so far. 
  9. Place is somewhat less secure as compared to US. 
  10. Popular place are full of lines e.g I stood in line for getting entry to Eiffel Tower in Paris. 


So far I have been to Stockholm (Sweden), Paris (France), Berlin (Germany), Szczecin (Poland), Munich (Germany) and Austria. Next hop - Netherlands!