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Today I was reading news on I follow news on many topics like datacenter, ISPs, IPv6 etc via Google News. Under the datacenter section I came across an interesting news. So two news : First about “Second datacenter in India by eBay” and other about second “eBay launches development centre”. I clicked on first news about datacenter and came to page which had title - “eBay launches 2nd development centre in India”. I thought I clicked wrong link, I closed it and opened datacenter link again and I landed on same page again. Then I opened both URL’s and here are the URL’s I saw in browser:  

The only common thing here is last number i.e “113091200887_1” in both news. :)

It seems like I can change URL to anything and URL works as long as this number is there in end. So e.g say eBay opened datacenter in Rohtak :P

This one also works and this one as well:   All URL’s are valid and point to same news article which was about Development center and not datacenter in India. Thus a logical question here can be how “datacenter” came up in Google news. That’s likely because of tag used by Business Standard in their news article. The original article here has tags - “eBay”, “Bangalore” and “Datacenter”. So likely it’s wrong tag from their end and interesting smartness from Google in creating titles in Google news. :)   Oh and btw if you are wondering where is hosted then answer is US along with CDN caching via Akamai.

It uses two IP’s covered in /19 announcements by AS11643 - eBay. Network seems pretty much multi-hommed with uplinks from major US tier 1 networks like AT&T, Savvis, Level3, Hurricane Electric etc. Their (old) peeringdb record tells that they have 10Gig ports at Equinix Ashburn & Equinix San Jose. The strange fact here is that they are heavily outbound with content but still show their peering policy as “closed”.   Have fun and peer with them! :)