29 Mar

Host a RIPE Atlas probe!

RIPE NCC is running an excellent project called RIPE Atlas from few years. This is one of largest distributed network measurement projects where thousands of users host small devices called RIPE Atlas Probes on their networks, home connections, datacenters etc. These probes do measurement under both public and private category and make that data available publicly for use by network engineers and helps in optimizing routing.

This page shows detailed coverage statistics of the probes.


Here’s how a probe looks like


If you are in India and would like to host a probe, simply fill out this form and I will ship out the device. 🙂




12 Oct

UKNOF32 – Analysis of F-root placement using RIPE Atlas

Enjoyed ISC’s presentation about their analysis of F root server (one 13 root DNS servers which power the Internet) about anycast performance gloablly for announced (and anycasted) by AS3557 (ISC). This was presentation at UKNOF 32.

Embedded presentation below (or click here to watch on YouTube directly)