02 Jul

Welcome to AWS Cloud Mumbai region


It’s great to see Amazon’s announcement two days back about launch of their region in Mumbai. In past I was quite happy to see their Cloudfront CDN PoPs in Mumbai & Chennai (blog post here). Now it’s just great to see a full AWS region out of Mumbai. 🙂

Though it’s going to eat most of important customers from the smaller players still it’s good for industry as industry is too big and we need more & more of such large Cloud players in India to bring more and more content hosting in India.


So how does Amazon’s Indian network is connected at the moment?

Let’s trigger a VM on Amazon EC2 in Mumbai and test based on routing of various networks to it’s IP and return.


On the instance:


Trace from Amazon to outside world:


So clearly Amazon is reaching all domestic destinations via Tata (AS4755). Let us  look at other side around i.e reaching from domestic destinations to Amazon by BGP table as well as trace from RIPE Atlas probes.


Routing table of NIXI route server:


So route for AWS Cloud in India seems via Tata (AS4755). A quick check on latency from RIPE Atlas Indian Probes:



Clearly latency does seems little high from certain probes. Running a trace from them:


One thing which is noticeable here is high latency from BSNL (AS9829) backbone.

BSNL to AWS Mumbai



Summary and misc thoughts:

  1. AWS India seems to have PoP/datacenters across Mumbai, Pune and Hyderabad (based on visible PTRs of their only Indian transit).
  2. AWS is using Tata (AS4755) in India to reachout to all Indian networks with highly likely option of peering with other Indian networks in near future.
  3. There seems to be a “pipe” connecting AWS Mumbai region with their Singapore network and I see most of their international traffic flow (traffic TO and FROM outside India over their own PoP and transits which they are using in Singapore).
  4. Connectivity seems OK from Tata Communications & Airtel while seems not very good with Reliance (AS18101) and BSNL (AS9829). BSNL is pushing some of the traffic out via AS6453 IPLCs outside India while Reliance is preferring FLAG (AS15412) > NTT (AS2914) > Amazon routes over (likely) visible routes from Tata (AS4755).


Time for me to hop on to next flight and get to home. 🙂