04 Jan

VoWifi experience on Jio

Since last week of Nov 2019, I am having serious issues with Airtel at my home. Somehow 4G signal SNR is very poor and most of the calls just fail on that. Airtel support just mentioned that they are putting a new site in my area in Jan 2020 but fail to explain why suddenly it went so bad. I can imagine that support team staff does not have visibility to network in real-time and likely it would be an issue with the 4G antenna on one or more towers. 2G signal was good but latency was extremely high to connect call plus calls still failed regardless (maybe due to high strain on 2G).

So by the end of December, I just gave up and gave the request for porting to Jio. Yesterday my number started on Jio and around 24 hours later I got access to VoWifi which is quite nice. Both Airtel & Jio are rolling our VoWifi but for Airtel, many users have reported it for being locked on Airtel fixed line only.

What is VoWifi?

Well, it’s just native offloading of voice calls over the fixed-line network and is extremely useful for both network operators as well as end-users. Native IP equipment is cheap and it’s way easy to extend cell coverage at home via Wifi instead of proprietary inbuilding solutions. Plus landline was good for quality but form factor and usability was pain. Now VoWifi kind of merges the fixed-line and cell phones and we get best of both worlds.

I think many people confused BSNL Wings with VoWifi. VoWifi is seamless offloading of calls natively while BSNL Wings offered a separate number, an app to run and a separate billing account to maintain with the operator. BSNL Wings was a bad product idea and really awful execution.

Coming to Jio VoWifi, some misc observations:

  1. It’s working for me on the non-Jio fixed-line connection in Haryana circle. I have IAXN (GEPON FTTH) and Siti broadband (DOCSIS 3.0) at home running in active/backup configuration for high availability.
  2. The device has an IPsec tunnel with 49.44.59.XXX. I see isakmp-nat-keep-alive packets every 20 seconds when I do tcpdump on the router.
  3. On my cell phone (which is an Apple iOS device) I see a tunnel is opened on IPSEC1 port. IPSEC2 & IPSEC3 are there for VoLTE.
    IPSEC1 has a link-local IPv6 and an IPv6 from 2405:205:3000::/36 range. The IPv6 on all three IPSEC tunnels is the same as of pdp_ip1 (Cellular data port). I guess that’s probably how they are handing the handovers between VoWifi and VoLTE.
  4. The IPv6 on pdp_ip0 for cellular data is from a different range which again is being announced in the global table as 2409:4051::/36. I wonder why Jio is using publically routable pool for VoLTE and VoWifi. In case of Airtel it a non-routed address space and routes are not announced in the global routing table.
  5. In my test VoWifi to VoLTE was reasonably OK. I tested by shutting off wifi on the cell phone as well as unplugging the cable from wifi AP to test. In both cases call went silent for 1-2 seconds and resumed over VoLTE. It did not come back on VoWifi once Wifi was back live.
  6. Latency from both connections to other endpoint (the router before the IPSEC endpoint) is around 60ms. Either the endpoint is somewhere far off or (more likely) it’s a case of not-so-good routing between Airtel (upstream of my ISP) and Jio.
  7. There’s a quite noticeable improvement in connection time. For IVR based numbers it’s close to 2-3 seconds. Which is a great improvement for someone like me who was on 2G non-VoLTE calls for December!

How to check interfaces and routing table on your phone?

Well use HE.NET Network App on Android or Apple iPhone and you will be able to check that!

That’s about it. Back to the world of routing. 🙂

29 Nov

Facebook FNA node update

In March 2018 I mapped nodes of Facebook globally using the airport string they use in the CDN URLs (detailed post here). Since then I posted a couple of times updates on as they are adding more nodes. There also have been questions via emails and comments on the blog in recent times about updated data.

Here goes latest data as on 22 Nov 2019. It’s published here.

Global stats

  • Total nodes increased from 2204 as from Aug 2018 to 3184 now in Nov 2019.
  • Highest number FNA nodes are AS28573 (CLARO S.A., BR). They have 111 nodes!
  • 2nd highest is AS27699 (TELEFĂ”NICA BRASIL S.A, BR) with 47 nodes.
  • 3rd highest is AS18881 which seems to be related to 2nd highest with 37 nodes.
  • After Brazil, it’s Indian operators with highest number of visible FNAs in the world.
  • Highest number of FNA nodes are in city of Sao Paulo (Airport code: SAO). There are 88 nodes there.
  • 2nd higest is Rio (Airport code: GIG +RBR+SDU) with 51 nodes.
  • 3rd higest is Dhaka, Bangladesh with 48 nodes.
  • Out of total 3184 nodes, 2228 nodes have an IPv6 address & are dual stacked. That is about 69.97%.

Indian stats

  • Airtel AS9498 has highest number of Facebook FNA caching nodes. They got 33 nodes which is nice jump.
  • Jio got 2nd highest in India with around 32 nodes.
  • Vodafone AS38266 has got 25 nodes, while IDEA Cellular (with whom they merged recently) has got 13 nodes.
  • One interesting addition here seems to be AS18229 (CtrlS datacenter) in Hyderabad. Likely the node is to serve the traffic of their sister company – Pioneer Labs.
  • In total there are 208 Facebook FNA caching nodes in India.

Remember number of nodes is just a number & may not reflect actual capacity.

Indian FNA node list

ASNAS Name IPv4IPv6Airport CodeAirport Name
9498BBIL-AP BHARTI Airtel Ltd., IN182.79.156.172404:a800:6:21:face:b00c:0:a7AMDAhmedabad
9498BBIL-AP BHARTI Airtel Ltd., IN182.79.155.172404:a800:6:28:face:b00c:0:a7BBIBhubaneswar
9498BBIL-AP BHARTI Airtel Ltd., IN182.79.133.812404:a800:6:3f:face:b00c:0:a7BBIBhubaneswar
9498BBIL-AP BHARTI Airtel Ltd., IN116.119.39.182404:a800:6:5e:face:b00c:0:a7BEKRae
9498BBIL-AP BHARTI Airtel Ltd., IN182.79.155.812404:a800:6:29:face:b00c:0:a7BHOBhopal
9498BBIL-AP BHARTI Airtel Ltd., IN182.79.129.172404:a800:6:4e:face:b00c:0:a7BHOBhopal
9498BBIL-AP BHARTI Airtel Ltd., IN157.240.191.1452a03:2887:ff05:200:face:b00c:0:a7BOMBombay
9498BBIL-AP BHARTI Airtel Ltd., IN157.240.191.192a03:2887:ff05:0:face:b00c:0:a7BOMBombay
9498BBIL-AP BHARTI Airtel Ltd., IN182.79.139.1482404:a800:6:3c:face:b00c:0:a7CCJCalicut
9498BBIL-AP BHARTI Airtel Ltd., IN157.240.185.172a03:2887:ff06:0:face:b00c:0:a7CCUCalcutta
9498BBIL-AP BHARTI Airtel Ltd., IN182.79.194.2092404:a800:6:1c:face:b00c:0:a7CCUCalcutta
9498BBIL-AP BHARTI Airtel Ltd., IN182.79.129.2112404:a800:6:51:face:b00c:0:a7CJBCoimbatore
9498BBIL-AP BHARTI Airtel Ltd., IN182.79.128.182404:a800:6:52:face:b00c:0:a7DBDDhanbad
9498BBIL-AP BHARTI Airtel Ltd., IN157.240.189.172a03:2887:ff03:0:face:b00c:0:a7DELDelhi
9498BBIL-AP BHARTI Airtel Ltd., IN182.79.139.832404:a800:6:3b:face:b00c:0:a7DELDelhi
9498BBIL-AP BHARTI Airtel Ltd., IN182.79.156.2092404:a800:6:27:face:b00c:0:a7GAUGuwahati
9498BBIL-AP BHARTI Airtel Ltd., IN182.79.139.2122404:a800:6:3d:face:b00c:0:a7IXCChandigarh
9498BBIL-AP BHARTI Airtel Ltd., IN182.79.194.1452404:a800:6:1b:face:b00c:0:a7IXEMangalore
9498BBIL-AP BHARTI Airtel Ltd., IN182.79.133.1462404:a800:6:40:face:b00c:0:a7IXJJammu
9498BBIL-AP BHARTI Airtel Ltd., IN182.79.132.832404:a800:6:43:face:b00c:0:a7IXRRanchi
9498BBIL-AP BHARTI Airtel Ltd., IN157.240.182.172a03:2887:ff0a:0:face:b00c:0:a7JAIJaipur
9498BBIL-AP BHARTI Airtel Ltd., IN182.79.132.192404:a800:6:42:face:b00c:0:a7JDHJodhpur
9498BBIL-AP BHARTI Airtel Ltd., IN182.79.128.832404:a800:6:53:face:b00c:0:a7JRHJorhat
9498BBIL-AP BHARTI Airtel Ltd., IN182.79.156.812404:a800:6:22:face:b00c:0:a7LKOLucknow
9498BBIL-AP BHARTI Airtel Ltd., IN182.79.128.2122404:a800:6:55:face:b00c:0:a7LUHLudhiana
9498BBIL-AP BHARTI Airtel Ltd., IN157.240.190.172a03:2887:ff04:0:face:b00c:0:a7MAAMadras
9498BBIL-AP BHARTI Airtel Ltd., IN182.79.129.822404:a800:6:4f:face:b00c:0:a7NAGNagpur
9498BBIL-AP BHARTI Airtel Ltd., IN157.240.184.172a03:2887:ff08:0:face:b00c:0:a7PATPatna
9498BBIL-AP BHARTI Airtel Ltd., IN182.79.155.1452404:a800:6:2a:face:b00c:0:a7PNQPoona
9498BBIL-AP BHARTI Airtel Ltd., IN182.79.133.2112404:a800:6:41:face:b00c:0:a7RPRRaipur
9498BBIL-AP BHARTI Airtel Ltd., IN182.79.130.2112404:a800:6:4d:face:b00c:0:a7STVSurat
9498BBIL-AP BHARTI Airtel Ltd., IN157.240.183.172a03:2887:ff09:0:face:b00c:0:a7VGAVijayawada
9498BBIL-AP BHARTI Airtel Ltd., IN182.79.128.1462404:a800:6:54:face:b00c:0:a7VNSVaranasi
55836RELIANCEJIO-IN Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, IN49.44.90.172405:200:1611:2885:face:b00c:0:a7AGRAgra
55836RELIANCEJIO-IN Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, IN49.44.88.812405:200:1609:2885:face:b00c:0:a7AMDAhmedabad
55836RELIANCEJIO-IN Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, IN49.44.90.1452405:200:1615:2885:face:b00c:0:a7BBIBhubaneswar
55836RELIANCEJIO-IN Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, IN49.44.90.2092405:200:160d:2885:face:b00c:0:a7BHOBhopal
55836RELIANCEJIO-IN Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, IN49.44.180.2122405:200:163a:1818:face:b00c:0:a7BHOBhopal
55836RELIANCEJIO-IN Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, IN49.44.88.172405:200:1608:2885:face:b00c:0:a7BLRBangalore
55836RELIANCEJIO-IN Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, IN49.44.63.172405:200:1602:2885:face:b00c:0:a7BOMBombay
55836RELIANCEJIO-IN Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, IN49.44.63.2092405:200:1606:2885:face:b00c:0:a7CCUCalcutta
55836RELIANCEJIO-IN Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, IN49.44.180.1452405:200:1617:2885:face:b00c:0:a7CCUCalcutta
55836RELIANCEJIO-IN Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, IN49.44.92.192405:200:163d:2885:face:b00c:0:a7CCUCalcutta
55836RELIANCEJIO-IN Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, IN49.44.91.172405:200:1614:2885:face:b00c:0:a7COKCochin
55836RELIANCEJIO-IN Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, IN49.44.63.1452405:200:160b:2885:face:b00c:0:a7DELDelhi
55836RELIANCEJIO-IN Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, IN49.44.62.1452405:200:1605:2885:face:b00c:0:a7DELDelhi
55836RELIANCEJIO-IN Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, IN49.44.182.172405:200:163c:2885:face:b00c:0:a7DELDelhi
55836RELIANCEJIO-IN Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, IN49.44.90.812405:200:1612:2885:face:b00c:0:a7GAUGuwahati
55836RELIANCEJIO-IN Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, IN49.44.88.1452405:200:160a:2885:face:b00c:0:a7HYDHyderabad
55836RELIANCEJIO-IN Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, IN49.44.180.172405:200:1638:2885:face:b00c:0:a7HYDHyderabad
55836RELIANCEJIO-IN Reliance Jio I nfocomm Limited, IN49.44.88.2092405:200:160a:1817:face:b00c:0:a7HYDHyderabad
55836RELIANCEJIO-IN Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, IN49.44.181.172405:200:1635:2885:face:b00c:0:a7IXCChandigarh
55836RELIANCEJIO-IN Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, IN49.44.91.812405:200:161a:2885:face:b00c:0:a7IXJJammu
55836RELIANCEJIO-IN Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, IN49.44.181.1452405:200:1636:2885:face:b00c:0:a7IXMMadurai
55836RELIANCEJIO-IN Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, IN49.44.89.1452405:200:160f:2885:face:b00c:0:a7JAIJaipur
55836RELIANCEJIO-IN Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, IN49.44.181.2092405:200:1637:2885:face:b00c:0:a7KNUKanpur
55836RELIANCEJIO-IN Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, IN49.44.89.2092405:200:161c:2885:face:b00c:0:a7LUHLudhiana
55836RELIANCEJIO-IN Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, IN49.44.63.812405:200:1607:2885:face:b00c:0:a7MAAMadras
55836RELIANCEJIO-IN Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, IN49.44.62.172405:200:1604:2885:face:b00c:0:a7NAGNagpur
55836RELIANCEJIO-IN Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, IN49.44.91.1452405:200:1613:2885:face:b00c:0:a7PATPatna
55836RELIANCEJIO-IN Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, IN49.44.182.812405:200:1633:2885:face:b00c:0:a7PATPatna
55836RELIANCEJIO-IN Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, IN49.44.180.812405:200:161d:2885:face:b00c:0:a7SHLShillong
55836RELIANCEJIO-IN Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, IN49.44.92.1452405:200:161b:2885:face:b00c:0:a7SLVSimla
55836RELIANCEJIO-IN Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, IN49.44.92.812405:200:1610:2885:face:b00c:0:a7SXRSrinagar
55836RELIANCEJIO-IN Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, IN49.44.181.812405:200:163b:2885:face:b00c:0:a7UDRUdaipur
38266VODAFONE-IN Vodafone India Ltd., IN1.38.9.2092402:3a80:c008:13:face:b00c:0:a7AGRAgra
38266VODAFONE-IN Vodafone India Ltd., IN1.38.7.172402:3a80:c000:13:face:b00c:0:a7AMDAhmedabad
38266VODAFONE-IN Vodafone India Ltd., IN1.38.9.172402:3a80:c00c:13:face:b00c:0:a7BLRBangalore
38266VODAFONE-IN Vodafone India Ltd., IN1.38.8.172402:3a80:c002:13:face:b00c:0:a7BOMBombay
38266VODAFONE-IN Vodafone India Ltd., IN112.79.42.1452402:3a80:c01b:13:face:b00c:0:a7BOMBombay
38266VODAFONE-IN Vodafone India Ltd., IN42.106.166.192402:3a80:c002:15:face:b00c:0:a7BOMBombay
38266VODAFONE-IN Vodafone India Ltd., IN112.79.33.172402:3a80:c011:13:face:b00c:0:a7CCJCalicut
38266VODAFONE-IN Vodafone India Ltd., IN1.38.7.2092402:3a80:c009:13:face:b00c:0:a7CCUCalcutta
38266VODAFONE-IN Vodafone India Ltd., IN112.79.43.172402:3a80:c01c:13:face:b00c:0:a7CJBCoimbatore
38266VODAFONE-IN Vodafone India Ltd., IN1.38.9.812402:3a80:c00e:13:face:b00c:0:a7COKCochin
38266VODAFONE-IN Vodafone India Ltd., IN1.38.7.812402:3a80:c005:13:face:b00c:0:a7DELDelhi
38266VODAFONE-IN Vodafone India Ltd., IN1.38.5.172402:3a80:c006:13:face:b00c:0:a7DELDelhi
38266VODAFONE-IN Vodafone India Ltd., IN112.79.39.172402:3a80:c015:13:face:b00c:0:a7DELDelhi
38266VODAFONE-IN Vodafone India Ltd., IN1.38.5.812402:3a80:c00a:13:face:b00c:0:a7GAUGuwahati
38266VODAFONE-IN Vodafone India Ltd., IN112.79.38.172402:3a80:c016:13:face:b00c:0:a7IXCChandigarh
38266VODAFONE-IN Vodafone India Ltd., IN42.106.167.202402:3a80:c01c:15:face:b00c:0:a7IXMMadurai
38266VODAFONE-IN Vodafone India Ltd., IN1.38.9.1452402:3a80:c004:13:face:b00c:0:a7JAIJaipur
38266VODAFONE-IN Vodafone India Ltd., IN112.79.40.172402:3a80:c017:13:face:b00c:0:a7JDHJodhpur
38266VODAFONE-IN Vodafone India Ltd., IN1.38.7.1452402:3a80:c007:13:face:b00c:0:a7LKOLucknow
38266VODAFONE-IN Vodafone India Ltd., IN1.38.8.1452402:3a80:c00b:13:face:b00c:0:a7MAAMadras
38266VODAFONE-IN Vodafone India Ltd., IN112.79.42.172402:3a80:c01a:13:face:b00c:0:a7NAGNagpur
38266VODAFONE-IN Vodafone India Ltd., IN1.38.8.812402:3a80:c003:3:face:b00c:0:a7PNQPoona
38266VODAFONE-IN Vodafone India Ltd., IN112.79.32.172402:3a80:c010:13:face:b00c:0:a7RAJRajkot
38266VODAFONE-IN Vodafone India Ltd., IN1.38.5.1452402:3a80:c001:13:face:b00c:0:a7STVSurat
38266VODAFONE-IN Vodafone India Ltd., IN112.79.36.172402:3a80:c014:13:face:b00c:0:a7VNSVaranasi
55644IDEANET1-IN Idea Cellular Limited, IN223.196.153.172400:c700:300:0:face:b00c:0:a7AMDAhmedabad
55644IDEANET1-IN Idea Cellular Limited, IN223.196.112.172400:c700:104:0:face:b00c:0:a7BLRBangalore
55644IDEANET1-IN Idea Cellular Limited, IN223.196.3.812400:c700:4:0:face:b00c:0:a7BOMBombay
55644IDEANET1-IN Idea Cellular Limited, IN223.196.149.1452400:c700:a000:0:face:b00c:0:a7CCUCalcutta
55644IDEANET1-IN Idea Cellular Limited, IN223.196.58.172400:c700:1080:0:face:b00c:0:a7COKCochin
55644IDEANET1-IN Idea Cellular Limited, IN223.196.64.172400:c700:186:0:face:b00c:0:a7DELDelhi
55644IDEANET1-IN Idea Cellular Limited, IN223.196.145.1452400:c700:1280:0:face:b00c:0:a7DELDelhi
55644IDEANET1-IN Idea Cellular Limited, IN223.196.147.1452400:c700:1100:0:face:b00c:0:a7HYDHyderabad
55644IDEANET1-IN Idea Cellular Limited, IN223.196.92.812400:c700:202:0:face:b00c:0:a7IDRIndore
55644IDEANET1-IN Idea Cellular Limited, IN223.196.151.1452400:c700:1200:0:face:b00c:0:a7IXCChandigarh
55644IDEANET1-IN Idea Cellular Limited, IN223.196.155.172400:c700:380:0:face:b00c:0:a7JAIJaipur
55644IDEANET1-IN Idea Cellular Limited, IN223.196.79.172400:c700:280:0:face:b00c:0:a7LKOLucknow
55644IDEANET1-IN Idea Cellular Limited, IN223.196.82.172400:c700:83:0:face:b00c:0:a7PNQPoona
18207YOU-INDIA-AP YOU Broadband & Cable India Ltd., IN203.187.230.81AMDAhmedabad
18207YOU-INDIA-AP YOU Broadband & Cable India Ltd., IN203.187.249.17BDQBaronda
17488HATHWAY-NET-AP Hathway IP Over Cable Internet, IN202.88.157.812403:c00:b00:b:face:b00c:0:a7BLRBangalore
17488HATHWAY-NET-AP Hathway IP Over Cable Internet, IN202.88.184.172403:c00:0:b:face:b00c:0:a7BOMBombay
18207YOU-INDIA-AP YOU Broadband & Cable India Ltd., IN203.187.217.210BOMBombay
17488HATHWAY-NET-AP Hathway IP Over Cable Internet, IN202.88.147.1452403:c00:d00:b:face:b00c:0:a7DELDelhi
17488HATHWAY-NET-AP Hathway IP Over Cable Internet, IN202.88.191.172403:c00:f00:b:face:b00c:0:a7HYDHyderabad
18207YOU-INDIA-AP YOU Broadband & Cable India Ltd., IN123.201.147.146HYDHyderabad
17488HATHWAY-NET-AP Hathway IP Over Cable Internet, IN202.88.160.812403:c00:c00:b:face:b00c:0:a7MAAMadras
18207YOU-INDIA-AP YOU Broadband & Cable India Ltd., IN203.187.250.17PNQPoona
17488HATHWAY-NET-AP Hathway IP Over Cable Internet, IN202.88.187.172403:c00:900:b:face:b00c:0:a7PNQPoona
18207YOU-INDIA-AP YOU Broadband & Cable India Ltd., IN123.201.167.17STVSurat
17488HATHWAY-NET-AP Hathway IP Over Cable Internet, IN116.72.7.812403:c00:800:b:face:b00c:0:a7STVSurat
18207YOU-INDIA-AP YOU Broadband & Cable India Ltd., IN203.109.89.21VTZVishakhapatnam
17665IN2CABLE-AP AS Number of Indusind Media and communication Ltd., IN203.192.251.209BLRBangalore
17665IN2CABLE-AP AS Number of Indusind Media and communication Ltd., IN103.69.221.172001:df7:6e00:3:face:b00c:0:a7BOMBombay
17665IN2CABLE-AP AS Number of Indusind Media and communication Ltd., IN203.192.223.145BOMBombay
17665IN2CABLE-AP AS Number of Indusind Media and communication Ltd., IN103.57.141.209BOMBombay
17665IN2CABLE-AP AS Number of Indusind Media and communication Ltd., IN203.192.214.147DELDelhi
17665IN2CABLE-AP AS Number of Indusind Media and communication Ltd., IN103.69.222.17PNQPoona
45916GTPL-AS-AP Gujarat Telelink Pvt Ltd, IN43.250.166.209AMDAhmedabad
45916GTPL-AS-AP Gujarat Telelink Pvt Ltd, IN150.129.171.209BDQBaronda
133982EXCITEL-AS-IN Excitel Broadband Private Limited, IN103.56.230.209DELDelhi
133982EXCITEL-AS-IN Excitel Broadband Private Limited, IN103.48.198.209DELDelhi
133982EXCITEL-AS-IN Excitel Broadband Private Limited, IN103.212.157.146DELDelhi
133982EXCITEL-AS-IN Excitel Broadband Private Limited, IN144.48.73.145HYDHyderabad
45916GTPL-AS-AP Gujarat Telelink Pvt Ltd, IN103.250.190.209RAJRajkot
45916GTPL-AS-AP Gujarat Telelink Pvt Ltd, IN150.107.253.209STVSurat
24309CABLELITE-AS-AP Atria Convergence Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Broadband Internet Service Provider INDIA, IN202.83.22.172406:7400:4:1:face:b00c:0:a7BLRBangalore
131269BEAMTELE-AS-AP ACTFIBERNET Pvt Ltd, IN106.51.156.209CJBCoimbatore
24309CABLELITE-AS-AP Atria Convergence Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Broadband Internet Service Provider INDIA, IN49.207.35.172406:7400:b7:0:face:b00c:0:a7MAAMadras
131269BEAMTELE-AS-AP ACTFIBERNET Pvt Ltd, IN49.205.163.209TIRTirupati
131269BEAMTELE-AS-AP ACTFIBERNET Pvt Ltd, IN49.205.167.209VGAVijayawada
24309CABLELITE-AS-AP Atria Convergence Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Broadband Internet Service Provider INDIA, IN106.51.40.81VTZVishakhapatnam
45769DVOIS-IN D-Vois Broadband Pvt Ltd, IN1.186.201.172400:1f00:b7:2:face:b00c:0:a7BLRBangalore
45769DVOIS-IN D-Vois Broadband Pvt Ltd, IN1.186.190.172400:1f00:0:d:face:b00c:0:a7BOMBombay
45194SIPL-AS Syscon Infoway Pvt. Ltd., IN110.5.75.172401:a100:2:4:face:b00c:0:a7BOMBombay
17747SITINETWORS-IN-AP SITI NETWORKS LIMITED, IN103.225.178.2092406:3c80:1:3:face:b00c:0:a7CCUCalcutta
17465ASIANET Cable ISP in India, IN202.88.226.812406:8800:9000:4000:face:b00c:0:a7COKCochin
17747SITINETWORS-IN-AP SITI NETWORKS LIMITED, IN103.217.246.172402:ea80:0:1:face:b00c:0:a7DELDelhi
18209BEAMTELE-AS-AP Atria Convergence Technologies pvt ltd, IN49.207.34.17DELDelhi
55824NKN-CORE-NW NKN Core Network, IN180.149.52.832405:8a00:a:20:face:b00c:0:a7DELDelhi
13490BUCKEYECABLEVISION – Buckeye Cablevision, Inc., US72.240.67.82DTWDetroit
18209BEAMTELE-AS-AP Atria Convergence Technologies pvt ltd, IN183.82.15.172406:b400:7:5:face:b00c:0:a7HYDHyderabad
17754EXCELL-AS Excellmedia, IN202.133.50.812401:fb00:0:1:face:b00c:0:a7HYDHyderabad
134033HIREACH-BROADBAND-AS HIREACH BROADBAND PRIVATE LTD, IN103.224.157.812001:df4:5f00:2:face:b00c:0:a7HYDHyderabad
55824NKN-CORE-NW NKN Core Network, IN180.149.62.182405:8a00:1a:4:face:b00c:0:a7MAAMadras
45194SIPL-AS Syscon Infoway Pvt. Ltd., IN183.87.151.1452401:a100:3:3:face:b00c:0:a7PNQPoona
13490BUCKEYECABLEVISION – Buckeye Cablevision, Inc., US72.240.67.18TOLToledo
17465ASIANET Cable ISP in India, IN202.164.151.2092406:8800:0:5:face:b00c:0:a7TRVTrivandrum
17754EXCELL-AS Excellmedia, IN175.101.127.81VGAVijayawada
134033< /td>HIREACH-BROADBAND-AS HIREACH BROADBAND PRIVATE LTD, IN103.57.132.812001:df4:5f01:2:face:b00c:0:a7WGCWarrangal
132933CTPLAND-AS CharotarTelelink Pvt Ltd, IN45.64.189.1452402:7780:1:fb:face:b00c:0:a7AMDAhmedabad
55947BBNL-IN Bangalore Broadband Network Pvt Ltd, IN43.247.159.812404:1f00:fac3:b00c:face:b00c:0:a7BLRBangalore
45648BELLTELE-AS-IN Bell Teleservices India Pvt Ltd., ISP having own OFC network in Bangalore, India., IN111.125.202.172400:d280:4:1:face:b00c:0:a7BLRBangalore
132559GATIK-AS-IN Gatik Business Solutions, IN103.16.68.147BLRBangalore
135724PVTABNL-AS Allnet Broadband Network Pvt Ltd, IN103.69.20.2102001:df4:5c00:fffb:face:b00c:0:a7BLRBangalore
56268SREERAM-NED1-IN Northeast Dataa Network Pvt Ltd, IN43.224.129.209BLRBangalore
9829BSNL-NIB National Internet Backbone, IN117.252.90.20BLRBangalore
58678INTECHONLINE-IN Intech Online Private Limited, IN124.108.16.2092404:bd00:1:4:face:b00c:0:a7BOMBombay
55352MCPL-IN Microscan Computers Private Limited, IN103.226.191.2092406:9e00:3:1:face:b00c:0:a7BOMBombay
18196SEVENSTAR-AS Seven Star Internet Service Provider, IN202.134.164.2092402:f200:301:0:face:b00c:0:a7BOMBombay
45117INPL-IN-AP Ishan_s Network, IN103.214.129.172405:f600:41:2:face:b00c:0:a7BOMBombay
55862WNET-IN Wan & Lan Internet Pvt Ltd, IN49.128.164.17BOMBombay
24554FIVE-NET-AS-IN Fivenetwork Solution India Pvt Ltd Internet, IN202.177.230.145BOMBombay
38457HNS-AS-AP Honesty Net Solution (I) Pvt Ltd, IN111.91.127.81BOMBombay
136334VNPL-AS Vortex Netsol Private Limited, IN103.88.222.812001:df5:b00:f00:face:b00c:0:a7BOMBombay
132296SEVENSTARDIGITAL-AS-AP Seven Star Digital Network Private Limited, IN103.233.140.145BOMBombay
134014NET4USERVICES-AS-IN NET 4 U SERVICES PVT LTD, IN103.59.200.2092402:fbc0:0:4:face:b00c:0:a7BOMBombay
135739INETWORK-AS-IN Inetwork Solutions Pvt Ltd, IN103.76.101.17BOMBombay
132220JPRDIGITAL-IN JPR Digital Pvt. Ltd., IN183.87.171.172403:7100:2:1:face:b00c:0:a7BOMBombay
133968LOGON-AS-IN Logon Broadband, IN103.203.228.145BOMBombay
137098DNSPL-AS Delix Net Solution Pvt. Ltd, IN111.125.198.83BOMBombay
23860ALLIANCE-GATEWAY-AS-AP Alliance Broadband Services Pvt. Ltd., IN203.171.243.145CCUCalcutta
45335IKF-IN-AS-AP IKF POWERNET, IN180.87.233.17CCUCalcutta
135760SPEDNT-AS Speednet Unique Network Pvt Ltd, IN103.75.163.2102404:9740:2:1:face:b00c:0:a7CCUCalcutta
132976KINGSBROADBAND-AS-IN Kings Broadband Pvt Ltd, IN150.242.21.2092001:df6:e400:f800:face:b00c:0:a7COKCochin
58969KCCL-AS Kerala Communicators Cable Limited, IN137.59.84.145COKCochin
132116ANINETWORK-IN Ani Network Pvt Ltd, IN45.248.174.81DELDelhi
58965ABSPL-AS-IN ANJANI BROADBAND SOLUTIONS PVT.LTD., IN103.233.117.812001:df7:2b00:0:face:b00c:0:a7DELDelhi
45184DEN-ISP-AS-IN-AP Den Digital Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. AS ISP india, IN112.196.177.172401:4300:4:9:face:b00c:0:a7DELDelhi
133275GIGANTIC-AS Gigantic Infotel Pvt Ltd, IN103.59.199.145DELDelhi
133648MAGNUSTELELINKS-AS-IN MNR Broadband Services Pvt. Ltd., IN43.231.57.81DELDelhi
10029SHYAMSPECTRA-AS SHYAM SPECTRA PVT LTD, IN125.63.114.172001:fd0:0:c:face:b00c:0:a7DELDelhi
136696SIFI-AS-IN Sifi Online Pvt Ltd, IN103.48.110.17DELDelhi
134026ULTRANET-AS Ultranet services private limited, IN103.55.88.1452001:df2:d00:4:face:b00c:0:a7DELDelhi
135772POWERNETCOMM-AS Powernet Communications Pvt.ltd., INRemoved on the request of networkRemoved on the request of networkDELDelhi
133676PNPL-AS Precious netcom pvt ltd, IN45.248.24.18DELDelhi
134341JDMBROADBAND-AS jdm broadband services pvt ltd, IN103.49.118.83DELDelhi
132934SKYMAX-AS Skymax Broadband Services Pvt. Ltd., IN103.65.28.147DELDelhi
18229CTRLS-AS-IN CtrlS Datacenters Ltd., IN182.18.191.2092400:3b00:1:c3:face:b00c:0:a7HYDHyderabad
59164APOLLOONLINE-AS Apollo Online Services Pvt ltd, IN103.245.197.209HYDHyderabad
17483CITYSERV-AS-AP CityOnline Services Ltd, IN202.62.66.172404:f100:500:1:face:b00c:0:a7HYDHyderabad
17917QTLTELECOM-AS-AP Quadrant Televentures Limited, IN103.3.34.812403:8400:0:40:face:b00c:0:a7IXCChandigarh
133661NETPLUS-AS Netplus Broadband Services Private Limited, IN103.41.21.17LUHLudhiana
132770GAZON-AS-IN Gazon Communications India Limited, IN43.241.24.2092404:4980:1:3:face:b00c:0:a7PNQPoona
136284PTPL-AS-IN Paradise Telecom Pvt Ltd, IN103.97.167.210PNQPoona
56209RKINFRATEL-IN R. K. INFRATEL LIMITED, IN202.71.2.172406:2100:3:0:face:b00c:0:a7STVSurat

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