24 Sep

Tata Communications (AS4755) pushing traffic to Reliance Jio (AS55836) via Singapore!

Bad route

So it seems like apart from voice interconnect issues, Jio is also facing routing issues on the backbone. I ran a trace to one of IP’s on Jio network allocated to end customer –

I ran trace from all Indian RIPE Atlas probes – https://atlas.ripe.net/measurements/5738489/#!probes

There seem quite a few RIPE Atlas probes which are giving latency on 150ms + range. Seems like they are downstream or downstream of downstream of Tata Comm’s AS4755 and routing is happening via Singapore!



Two of such traces

jio1 screen-shot-2016-09-24-at-11-26-05-pm


This isn’t how regular routing should work since even if both do not announce routes to each other, Jio’s routes are visible at NIXI. E.g NIXI Noida shows visible which covers that test IP. Tata AS4755 is probably rejecting that IP.



And if we look at Tata AS6453 routing table for their Chennai PoP, it shows AS_PATH as AS3431 (PCCW Global) who happens to be upstream of Jio’s International network AS64049.



Clearly, that’s just bad routing!


It might be the case Tata is doing intentionally without any evil plans because NIXI might just not have sufficient capacity. Overall ISPs should peer with PNI’s as well as we need IX’es other than just NIXI to promote more peering and promote better interconnect.


Disclaimer: This post and expressed comments are in my personal capacity and my employer has no relation with it. 

03 Jul

Reliance Jio orignating Charter’s /16 pool


Just noticed that Reliance Jio (AS55836) seems to be originating a /16 which is for Charter Communications (AS20115) –



This shows Reliance Jio’s ASN AS55836 announcing Charter Communications (AS20115) is originating multiple of /18s out of the same pool.



Let’s look for whois record of this /16 pool: https://whois.arin.net/rest/net/NET-47-32-0-0-1


It seems highly unlikely that this pool has been transferred over to Jio and hence it’s highly likely that Reliance Jio is falsely advertising this pool. Possible reason for such mistake can be because they have got, and but beyond that there are few Charter Pools. So likely someone just mistyped an IP. Another possible reason for such mistype can be that they have also got (it’s 49, not 47).

What is much more fascinating is that they even have a RADB route object registered for the same.


World of BGP is interesting!



As per update from Mr Morlay Gosh from Reliance Jio on SANOG mailing list- This was mistake and they are removing the same.