09 Jun

Updates from life, blog and more

Some updates from personal life…

I have joined Fremont based IP backbone & colocation provider – Hurricane Electric and would be working on some cool things at AS6939. 🙂


Updates on blog…

I have changed theme and entire look of blog and re-designed it with new plugins, more tweaking etc. As of now blog has more cleaner while theme which gives more space for posting, improved security with some ACLs, forced HTTPS to avoid telcos from injecting iframe in readers on 3G networks (which is very bad and worrying). Also, with use of bunch of plugins, now my I am hosting all static media content on AWS S3 to avoid local storage on server, it’s backup etc. Running it on AWS S3 with Geo replication + Cloudfront for CDN/efficient delivery made much more sense. Though sad that there’s no easy way for integration of Google Cloud storage with wordpress. S3 being more mature product makes it easier.



Have fun and keep commenting & sending me direct messages.

14 Apr

EDNS support by Google’s Public DNS

Just was looking around at EDNS support by Google. To find how it supports and how packet looks like I created a test NS records for dnstest.anuragbhatia.com pointing to one of test server ( I wasn’t running any DNS server on the server. Just ran quick tcpdump.


At server end:

sudo tcpdump ‘port 53 and dst’ -nn -vvv -w sample.pcap


Then I forcefully triggered DNS queries via Google’s recursor using:

dig @ dnstest.anuragbhatia.com


At server end dump was captured. In wireshark came across the packet:

Packet dump > DNS Query > Addition records > <Root> Type OPT > Option C Subnet – Client Subnet this shows client subnet of BSNL from which I queried. 🙂



This is a very important project pushed by Google, OpenDNS etc to help CDNs (which are based on DNS resolution) perform optimally when end users use non-ISP based recursors. You can read more about project here.