01 Mar

Two day trip to Paihia, Bay of Islands

I had a nice two day trip to Paihia over weekend. Paihia is one of key tourist towns far up in North. It took around 4 hrs via bus from Auckland. Travel was quite comfortable and place was excellent. I would say Paihia itself was quite a nice place but travel to it was one of best scenic travel I ever had.

I travelled via Inter-city bus. Outside India it’s quite common that just one person takes care of everything on behalf of bus company. Same person works on loading stuff, verifying tickets, and of course driving bus. Most of societies outside India are extremely cool & calm which makes overall service quite doable. Not surprising – same person drove the bus back to Auckland next day and the way he kept on updating, greeting all passengers was just amazing. I never had Haryana roadways folks greeting like that. 😉
And oh yes did I mentioned of free wifi in the bus? 🙂
Although I have yet to upload most of videos I took on the way, here’s a quick video showing way from Auckland to Paihia.
Day 1 
In Paihia on the first day I went for Otehei Bay via boat from Explore. This had couple of interesting things like option of swimming with Dolphins, small pause at Otehei Bay for Kayaking, snorkeling and of course swimming.
Night stay was at YHA hostel. In developed world countries hostels are great way to travel while meeting interesting people and of course keeping costs low.
Here’s how stay was (inside room and outside view)

Day 2
On day 2 (Sunday) I wasn’t able to do much as it was raining quite heavily and my bus back to Auckland was at evening. All I could manage was parasailing apart from roaming out in the market. Must say it was very quiet 300m above the sea level. I really loved experience hanging via parachute for a while. I wanted to try for skydiving but apart from that being expensive, it wasn’t an option at all with rain & cloudy sky.
That’s pretty much it about Paihia. I would say if it wasn’t raining & I had a day more, probably could try few more things out. With raining week, two days was decent time for place like that.
Time to get back to routing tables. 🙂

26 Feb

APRICOT 2016 – Auckland, New Zealand

First and foremost before talking about APRICOT, I must say I am deeply moved with impact Rohtak (and Haryana) as whole had because of recent Jat agitation. What I find extremely depressing is way current Govt. of Haryana completely failed to control it and the way previous Govt. ministers did best in their interest and completely against the interest of people of Haryana. For now quite hopeful with news that Mr Prakash Singh (one of my favorite IPS officers) who did quite well during his various terms is looking into failure of police. More details about the news here.
I will write more on this later on, not good time right now since tensions have yet to get normal.
Coming to APRICOT 2016 – I had a wonderful time in attending event and this was my first visit to New Zealand as well. This time I presented on “Misused top ASNs” and it went good overall. Link to my presentation here. Also, I had a short video interview with APNIC about my presentation (embedded below).

Also, last month I attended SANOG 27 at Kathmandu, Nepal. My detailed guest blog post about event on APNIC blog here.