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The useless lie…

And finally 8th semester started at college.

I am here for just a week and then will be out of country for sometime.

Last week  I had an interesting case. My mother’s cell phone rang in her absence and I saw it was an unknown number with Radaur’s STD code. Without thinking much I picked phone and discussion was something like:


Someone: Are you Mr K.L. Bhatia?
Me: Mmm…..(thinking why someone is asking for my father on my mother’s number!)
Someone: You are Mr K.L. Bhatia? 
Me: (without thinking much) – Yes, what’s up?
Someone: (hard voice this time) – ARE YOU M.R. K.L. BHATIA? 
Me: Yes. What can I do for you?
Someone: (Angry and familier voice of my college teacher)No, you are not. You are Anurag!


Next thing was that I panicked and disconnected the call. 

As soon as my mother came up, I told her entire event and requested her to call back.
Now thanks to awful college phone system which has interncomm setup, it showed the outbound caller ID of admin block, and thus phone call rang in admin block. They transferred it to IT block, which further transferred it to some teacher (someone other then the one who called). Teacher said usual words about students not attending college and asked my mother to send me as soon as possible to attend classes. 

That’s all so far. And oh yes, one of senior teachers in IT dept. believes that I gave wrong phone number in college records and passed my number rather then of my parents and “he will take my class about it“. He told entire this story twice to class when I was absent (wow!).


Learning from event so far:

  1. Never lie when it is not really required. Basically I should have told person on phone that I am Anurag and not my father!
  2. As soon as you are caught lying – do not panic and just apologize.
  3. Most of State college teachers have plenty of time to spend on things which do not matter at all. 


Time to visit college tomorrow and meet that teacher to directly apologize and end this drama. This is so awkward because likely I am one of few students who have passed real phone numbers of both mother & father and still it caused all this confusion. Usually these state college teachers have mind full of frustration & hatred for students. And as a part of that they never bothered to contact my parents again on their phone numbers or directly talk to me for  clarification. All this for a bulk call to parents of almost all students. (wow! again)

And on top of that they now know about my involvements with other projects, my summer work experience, etc. So clearly most of people around don’t care for things that matter but waste enough time on things that don’t matter. 


With promise to self that I won’t lie when it is not required, time to finish off this blog post and get back to work!



I was able to catch senior teacher on Thursday right after college hours. I apologized to him and he was pretty much satisfied with my apology. Case closed!

4 replies on “The useless lie…”

  1. One learns certain things only through experience. Don’t worry, tell the truth, end the awkward situation, and then focus on your upcoming networking events :). All the best!

  2. really , they have much extra time. as they dont know how to teach and what to?
    so just passing their time in all these stupid things.. 😀

  3. Wow! Some teachers are really good at everything but they need to realize that they can’t just treat a college student like a school student or a kid from KG. Also, without introducing yourself, asking about who is on the other side of the phone is not professional. I wouldn’t really disrespect my professor either and probably would have apologized too but this is definitely not the way you would treat a student like Anurag. 🙂

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