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Caste based discrimination in India – a view from bottom of Pyramid

Today I will be talking about a big problem. This is not about a routing glitch, or missing DNS entry (my usual blog posts…). It’s about one of fundamental problems in India which have ruined our society, relations & way of living.
It’s about Caste based discrimination in India. As we all know Jats demand for reservation isn’t something very old and people from Haryana did suffered quite a lot because of those protests. Overall I am just surprised from demands of Jats who are majority in Haryana, who grab over 80% of Govt. based jobs already in current system, who play a key role in choosing Govt. of Haryana, who have the Chief Minister from their caste ruling the state!
Infact Jats are considered as one of high & rich class in Haryana, and considered among ones who enjoy very good life style in India. And now they are ready to give all that pride & values just for getting so called “reservation”. Shameful.
My today’s post is not triggered by Jat reservation protest but because of painful life of my good friend who (call it unfortunately) is from higher caste but financially not very strong. I could see him running at admin block of my college from last one week. He was trying to get permission for getting free books from college library’s book bank.
Overall book bank concept was is something like – Free books for scheduled and backward class students (regardless of fact if or if not they can afford purchasing own books). Luckly, my friend (who is from upper caste) got permission to get free books from registrar sir on ground that he’s financially weak and cannot afford purchasing own books. I was quite happy to see college is supporting these students rather then sticking to caste based thumb rule.
But story does not ends here. There’s another student in our class who is from backward class. (I would rather call him of backward mindset rather then caste). He came to knew that my friend (who’s from upper class) got permission to get free books. He got so angry that he forcefully grabbed permission letter from my friend and tried best to keep him away from library unless he himself applied for free book offer. His action is not justified even if he was yet another financially weak student but irony – he’s one of richest guy in class (based on expenditure). Overall cost of books for this semester would be around 1000Rs ($20 USD). Is that really very expensive for backward class (again call it mindset) student? No.
The backward class guy owns phone costing over $300, his laptop costs over $1200, external hard disk of over $100 (for storing precious porn!) and his monthly pocket money is over $50 already. This is an absurd & shameless use of system. This is why whole concept of caste based reservation is meaningless and completely stupid idea. And I am sad because I can see young generation is nourishing it well in worst possible manner. 🙁
Whole idea of reservation was essentially made to end the caste based “discrimination“, while it started yet another discrimination just from other side of caste system. Thus backward class boy gets reservation always (including the one he got while entering this college which he didn’t deserved other wise), he gets free books, next reservation in higher studies and worst reservation even at job level and my good friend who as I said unfortunately is from upper class has not much from our society except general hard working life and capability to compete against these idiots. Reservation system is probably only system in India where money doesn’t matter!
Sad to see such things happening at bottom of Pyramid – that is level where we live. This further reminds me of my plans to join politics at some later stage in life (certainly when I can “afford it”). 🙂
With hope that we will see a better system, less prone to such abuse – time for me to end this post with this nice song from movie “Peepli live

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